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January 11, 2008

I just bought a Mac PowerBook Pro.

I made the mistake of jumping to Vista too quickly, and failed to read the part about it not working. And the Service Pack 1 that was coming out “in September” must have meant NEXT September, and not the September that was two months after my Vista purchase.

So I have five to seven more days of taking five to seven minutes to load ANY Microsoft Office application. I have five to seven days of staring at five to seven seconds of blank screen five to seven times per day.

I have no illusions that the Mac will be easy. Windows is all I’ve ever known. I know there will be days that I regret the switch, days that I spend more time running XP on my mac than OSX, and days that I have my eight year old come explain to me how to do something on the Mac (it’s happened). In the meantime, I’ll spend as much time as possible on my cute little mac mini, trying to get familiar with the operating system.

I’m not under the impression that Mac is the solution, but it’s a change. I don’t think Apple computers are perfect, but the commercials are certainly cooler.